Meet the faces behind the planning, and the people who will be there with hugs and snacks and anything else you need during your 5 days in Yosemite!

Merve and Nils - Founders of DBMH

Merve and Nils (german wedding photographers) are the brains behind Dirty Boots and Messy Hair and founded this awesome Community two years ago. When they aren’t dreaming of driving a converted camper van across Mongolia or obsessing over analytics, they’re working to keep wildlife wild by partnering with organizations who are making strides to prevent wildlife domestication and abuse… on top of managing DBMH. They love staying up late, and sleeping in, as well as exploring new places togetherand have been nomads since 2017. They have probably two of the fluffiest cats on the globe and will also join us at the camp! (unfortunately without their cats...)

Jodi - Project Executive

In a previous life, Jodi was a Philosophy professor, is based but now her heart is in Colorado,  photographing weddings and bringing DBMH Camp to life. She loves hiking, biking, climbing, and exploring new places - she’s been to over 26 countries. She has a pup named Glen who loves road trips and stealing snacks, especially ice cream cones. And she waits weeks to wash her clothes after they get that campfire smell. If you need someone to hold onto during uphill stretches in Yosemite, she’s your gal!

Kelly - Project Manager

Kelly is a certified yogi who gets sh*t done. She’s excited to bring her experience planning special events for Lululemon to DBMH Camp. She’s spent eight years in the business world, which helps our team stay organized. Kelly’s an early riser who hates cold winters but loves spending time in the Colorado mountains. Her favorite adult beverage is wine.If you need a pep talk, she’s your gal.

Alexa - Social Media Manager

Alexa is a wedding photographer who brings so much joy to the people around her. When she’s not traveling for Rachel Hollis, or building her own company, she runs social for DBMH in California. DBMH Camp is going to create an amazing community amongst its speakers and attendees and support each other in this field of work - and Alexa just can’t wait to be a part of making that happen! Her favorite food of all time is pizza so if you need someone for a hug and a snack, Alexa can help a girl out. 


Kylie - Community Manager

Kylie is a wedding photographer, based in Arkansaswho is in grad school pursuing her Master's of Science in Social Work. She loves making new friends so she is super stoked to meet everyone at DBMH Camp! Her favorite trip of all time was her first solo adventure to Montana. It kick started her love for traveling. If you need a campfire buddy, she’s your gal!

Almost the whole DBMH Family will be at the DBMH Camp to make this event unforgettable for you!