Q: My card is being declined, what can I do?

This can happen when the bank issuing your credit card finds our brand name a little too unconventional and declines that transaction attempt to protect you from fraud purchases.

Please try calling your bank and confirm that the transaction for Dirty Boots & Messy Hair (and any future transactions with our company) is intentional, and they will allow it go through on your next try.

Another option is try paying via Paypal if you haven’t already. In our experience paying via paypal always works.

Q: I didn’t receive my Order Confirmation / Download Link.

Have you already checked your spam folder? In case you still don’t find your confirmation email there might have been a typo in your email address. In this case we need your full name and address + the correct email address you want the presets to be sent to. Please reply to support@dirtybootsandmessyhair.com, our team will get in touch with you and search for your purchase.

Q: Where can I find my Invoice?

You can find your Invoice in your Order Confirmation Email.

Q: I click on download and nothing happens.

Please try to download with Google Chrome, instead of Safari. If you still have a hard time downloading your purchase drop us a note (including the order number and/or full name and address): support@dirtybootsandmessyhair.com

Q: I would like to see how the presets look on my images before I purchase them. Is that possible?

Sure thing! Just send us up to 5 RAW files if you are interested in the Dirty Boots Desktop Presets or up to 5 Jpegs if you are interested in the Dirty Boots Mobile Presets via email to support@dirtybootsandmessyhair.com , so we can show you how our presets would look like on your images 🙂 PS: You can send us bigger files using Wetransfer.


Q: Should I get Mobile or Desktop presets? Who are the presets for?

Mobile presets can be used by anybody to transform phone shots into beautiful, professional looking imagery. They can be used by anyone, even total beginners. If you’re just getting started with photography, or if you want to create a specific vibe for your Instagram page, for example, they’re a perfect solution. Desktop presets are perfect for those who want to turn their photography up a notch, either because you are a professional or because you want to level up your photography hobby. They’re more involved and a little more complicated than mobile presets, so they’re best suited to people who already have the basics of image editing down.

Q: What’s the difference between desktop and mobile presets?

Desktop presets are designed to be used on the desktop version of Adobe Lightroom. They will not work on your phone, and will require you to have a monthly subscription (which costs $15) to use the program.

Mobile presets are only compatible with the Lightroom app, which is available on iPhone and Android phones. It’s free to use the app and you don’t need to sign up for a monthly subscription.

Q: Which program must be used to work with Dirtyboots Desktop Presets and what is included in the preset pack?

Dirtyboots Desktop Presets can be used in Adobe Lightroom Classic, CC, 6/5/4 and ACR Presets in Photoshop CC & CS6. Set contains seven color presets and one B&W presets. Also included are 2 grain, one lens profile and one noise reduction presets – 13 presets in total.

Q: I have lost my presets, can you resend them?

Please contact us via support@dirtybootsandmessyhair.com and mention your order number or/and your full name and address. Our team is happy to assist.

Q: What is your refund policy?

Sales cannot be refunded, exchanged or returned under any circumstances. A refund will be given if you accidentally make multiple purchases of a single product, however the refund will be subject to an administration fee. It is your responsibility to make sure that any product you purchase is compatible with your software or camera files (you can see full requirements on the product page). You will not receive a refund or exchange if the product is incompatible with your software or camera files.

These terms are binding, and apply even if you request a refund through a third-party payment service, such as Paypal. You will receive your product as a digital download once the transaction is complete. You are encouraged to make a backup copy of the digital download for your own use, but any other copying or reproduction of the products is strictly prohibited.

Q: Can I share the presets purchased here with others?

No, it’s illegal to redistribute any presets sold here.